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*_*, ?!, archaic etiquette, architecture, are you for real?, are you kidding me?, asking inane questions, awkward comedy, banter, being bitten, being hated, being loved, belching, biting, blood and guts, bones, books, caffeine, calling you mean names, carne asada fries, cars, cat macro grammar, cemeteries, cereal, coke zero is people, cold sheets and pillows, comics, contemplating the apocalypse, converse, cooking, cracking joints, deafeningly loud music, diet mountain dew, dinosaur noises, dinosaurs, driving, excessively long acronyms, geekery, gerard way-like hygiene, gettin' fresh, gore, green apple sour punch, hatin', heavy breathing, hoodies, horror, hotboxing!, ihu-ulm-itu, ikea, keymash, laughter, lovin', midnight movie releases, mishearing lyrics, movie theaters, movies, music, my 2010 honda insight, my enormous ego, my iphone, my macbook pro, my non-existent ideological identity, my really excellent girlfriend, my vanity license plate, neon lights, netflix, obscenity, orgasms, original nintendo, outside space, pancakes, phish food, photography, pop culture, postcards, profanity, pulling loose eyelashes, reading in the bathroom, reese's peanut butter cups, restaurants, robots in disguise, rockin' and rollin', sexytimes, showering in the dark, skeletons, slit wrists and broken necks, stand-up comedy, starbucks black tea lemonade, tattoos, technology, tetris, toothpaste, trivia, truly awful clothing, tv, vinylmation, voyeurism, wikiloops, writing, wtfery, zombies
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